Fishing accessories are items that fishermen use beyond the barebones basics of rods, reels and hooks. These accessories add variety to a fishing loadout and can also enhance the experience for new and experienced fishermen alike.

Depending on your preferences, what fishing accessories you need can vary, but there are certain essentials that every angler should own. These freshwater tackle items will help you get the most out of your trips and can even improve the quality of your catch.

Bobbers, Weights and Sinkers

One of the most important pieces of fishing gear to own is a bobber, which will keep your bait suspended above the water at all times. These handy devices come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can select the one that best suits your needs.

They can range from simple bobbers to more advanced models that offer direction control, which can help you find fish more easily and effectively. A good set of bobbers will cost you around $15 to $20 from online retailers, but they’re worth the investment for anyone who enjoys fishing.

Rubber Gloves

Another important piece of fishing equipment to own is a pair of gloves, which will protect your hands from dangerous fish and sharp hooks. There are a wide range of gloves available, including synthetic fibers and more. A good pair of rubber fishing gloves will cost you around $10 to $30.

Facemasks, Bandanas and Windblockers

While not technically a kayak fishing accessories, these products can be valuable for fishermen to have on hand. During most fishing trips, wind will blow in a fisherman’s face, which can wear them down and cause fatigue. A facemask can be worn over the head to help prevent wind from getting into your eyes.

Tackle Boxes and Coolers

Having the right tackle box can help ensure that all of your freshwater fishing tools stay organized and protected. These boxes will provide a lot of storage space, and can be especially useful for those who like to take their fishing gear on the go.

When you’re on a long fishing trip, consider investing in a good cooler that can hold enough food and drinks for the entire group. A high-quality, stainless steel cooler can be a great option, as it’s durable and will withstand the elements.

Other fishing accessories that you may want to invest in include a fillet knife, which will be an invaluable tool when you’re preparing your freshwater fish for consumption. A quality fillet knife will help you cut and clean your catch for easier cooking.

A line cutter is a specialty tool that cuts fishing lines. These handheld tools can help you snip off a section of your line when it’s stuck on a tree or otherwise becomes tangled. These handheld cutters can be purchased at a reasonable price, typically $15 from online retailers.


A knife is an extremely useful tool for many different purposes, and it’s one of the most common fishing accessories to have on hand. It can be used to cut off a portion of a line when it’s tangled, to unwedge a hook that’s been caught on a fish, or to filet your catch after you’ve finished fishing. A well-designed, sturdy knife will be able to withstand a lot of stress and can last for years to come.